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Deltamu has produced a series of articles and videos that show measurement science in a new light, and include pragmatic definitions of frequently used terms : calibration, periodicity, uncertainty, monitoring, ...

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Metrology: the 4.0 Revolution

Data reliability will be an essential factor in Industry 4.0.
And to ensure this reliability metrology must also make its 4.0 revolution!

To increase the efficiency of your processes, the quality of measurements taken must improve.
Deltamu supports you to guarantee the reliability of your daily measurement results:

Big Data & AI : the symphony of datas and measures

Who has never been moved by a song or other piece of music, an orchestral masterpiece, perhaps, or a tuneful number sung on the radio? What is the magic that causes that thrill that a melody can give us?

In order for music to make the body resonate in that special way, every note must be in its place, produced with accuracy and precision by the instrument, whether string, brass, percussion, or voice... It''s only when all the ''ingredients'' are there **in the right measure **that anyone can say "This music is good"

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Smart Metrology : the importance of Metrology of decisions in the Big Data Era

We are living a new industrial revolution : the digital revolution when data reliability takes sense to analyze the mass of dat collected in the industry from various process...

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A smart approach to calibration - why we should forget calendar based calibrations

If the current practice of calendar-based calibration has eventually convinced us that it is a good thing, a brief look at its historical context leads us to a consideration that sheds a totally different light on this issue. First, we will clarify that legal metrology set this practice in place to grant fairness in commercial transactions for both customers and suppliers.

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Covariance Evaluation by Means of Uncertainty Assessment

One of the key points in modern measurement science is the evaluation of measurement uncertainty, according to the definition given by the International Vocabulary of Metrology (VIM) [1] and the procedure recommended by the Guide to the Expression of Uncertainty in Measurement (GUM) and its supplements [2]–[4]. According to these documents, when several sources of uncertainty are present, the related standard uncertainties shall be quadratically combined, and the covariances must be considered, if present [2].

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