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Calibration of measuring instruments and fleet management

All inclusive: Simplify your measuring instrument management system!
  • Have you been asked to reduce the metrology costs?
  • Maybe you don't have the time or resources to organize calibration campaigns on site or at a laboratory?
  • Do you need to ensure compliance with quality standards (ISO 9001, IATF 16949, ISO 13485, EN 9100 ...) for stress-free audits?
Calibration of measuring instruments and fleet management

Deltamu is the ideal partner that will help you develop a comprehensive strategy for efficient measuring instrument management.  Lean production is the goal i.e. improve efficiency to increase performance through effective control of measurement processes in their real-life environments, and by minimizing costs.
Deltamu's Smart Metrology MIM offer includes:

  • Analysis of the actual use conditions for your measuring instruments in order to tailor management strategy and calibration operation to your specific needs
  • Recommendations for good practices, and the implementation of suitable monitoring procedures, to ensure reliable daily measurements
  • Organization and performance of calibration campaigns, including any logistics
Reduced calibration costs and guarantees
  • Budget over the contract duration
    • Deltamu offers an all-inclusive monthly plan: the best approach for good budget management. Send us your list of equipment, and we will send you back a free proposal that you can compare with your current budget.
  • Technical and normative (ISO, Cofrac ...)
    • Guaranteed compliance with the applicable quality standards.
  • Continuity (1 to 3 year contract, renewable)
  • Attendance and follow-up
    • You have a single point of contact to help you monitor your instruments.
  • Diagnostic on the metrology function
  • Calibration interval optimization
    • Did you know that, following calibration, over 97% of instruments are declared compliant? Perhaps this means that they were calibrated too soon? There are known methods (FD X 07-014 and OPPERET) for determining the most suitable calibration interval for each instrument, depending on its use, risks and history.
  • Setting up the Optimu software or Optimu eService
  • Job interventions are automatically updated and documents (calibration certificates and verification reports) can be stored in digital format.
  • Scheduling and performance of calibration / verification campaigns
    • Free yourself from having to plan calibration jobs with your various providers, Let Deltamu do it for you!
  • Metrological traceability guaranteed up to national standards
    • Calibration operations are performed by a network of calibration laboratories, accredited in all domains (dimensional, electrical, weight, temperature, force, pressure, ...).
  • Indicators and calibration report

Your quality certification process requires you to manage measurement instruments in addition to dealing with many other tasks ... but due to time constraints, you probably don't have access to the latest standards and practices.

In our capacity as specialists in measuring instrument management and our up-to-date knowledge of all the latest standards developments, our offer goes far beyond the performance of simple, conventional calibrations.

Have we already suggested:

Simplicity A metrology approach that is always up to date and easily accessible via Optimu metrology software. Management / interpretation of calibrations performed by Deltamu, with an email summary following each campaign.
Fast response times 1 single contact, high-level metrology expertise, a large and varied address book
Serenity Recognized expertise in metrology during customer or normative audits (Deltamu can assist during audits)
Cost reduction Larger calibration intervals reduce both calibration costs and time-management costs

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