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Optimu, the metrology software: Instrumentation, calibration and uncertainties

A simple but effective tool, Optimu is now the leading Metrology software solution. Recognised for its quality and ease of use, it meets all the needs of an instrument or calibration management system or a periodicity optimization process.

Objective: save time, control risks and streamline costs


More than just a measuring instrument management software solution

Already adopted by over 2,000 industrials and Cofrac-accredited laboratories, Optimu facilitates compliance management of measuring and monitoring instruments, and optimizes calibration operations, whether in-house or outsourced.

Objective: save time, increase productivity and streamline costs!


A modular and scalable solution providing metrologists with invaluable support

Comprehensive and user-friendly, Optimu meets all metrology requirements and can be customized to fit a range of user profiles. Optimu comprises several modules that can be purchased separately in line with the development of your metrology department thus providing the best fit with your needs and expectations.

Objective: to develop and optimize the metrology function over time

Simple deployment

Through the Deltamu service offer and its proven panel of expertise, our support teams provide guidance and additional services designed to make it easy to implement Optimu at your company, on your network or in a fully online hosted version

Objective: swiftly benefit from a turnkey metrology solution, with no need for IT investment

Easy to use
Functionalities and Modules
Measuring Instrument Management Keep track of your measuring instruments

Manage your measuring instruments simply and effectively…

A powerful tool for any metrologist who wants a simple instrument management system, saving time using indicators and custom alerts

  • Choose indicators on the home page for a quick and easy analysis
  • Simplify job callouts and interactions with calibration providers
  • Identify any instruments that are nonconform or out of the tolerance range for effective decision-making
  • Follow progress and detect instrument drift

… for stress-free audits

  • Quick, easy management of measuring equipment
  • Compliance with ISO 9001, 10012, IATF 16949, 9100, 13485, 17025, 15189, …
  • Creation of delivery notes, shipping notes, and labels
  • Automatic mailing of indicators (late instruments, jobs to be scheduled, monthly / annual budgets, ...)
  • Input / output management and equipment reservations
  • Ensure traceability using bar codes
  • Exchange feedback with many other calibration laboratories

Simplify your calibrations operations

Optimu meets the needs of in-house and / or accredited laboratories (Cofrac in France, SCS in Switzerland and Accredia in Italy), who have chosen Optimu to:

  • Technical library: calculation of theoretical values ​​for gauges (reference standards, manufacturer, or added customer standard requirements)
  • Calibration of all types of instruments
  • Real-time declaration of conformity during calibration using reference standards, manufacturer or customer requirements
  • Automatic editing of calibration documents (CC / VC) with or without accreditation
  • Taking account of the uncertainty in the declaration of conformity (ISO 14253-1)
  • Traceability to measurement standards and taking account of corrections to the values provided by these measurement standards
  • Offline calibrations , performing calibration campaigns at customer sites in a simple and intuitive way

Choose the most suitable optimization method for your instruments

The optimization module is natively included in the software to allow industrials to use the calibration interval optimization methods described in the FD X07-014 booklet

  • Simplified application of the OPPERET method, to take account of the various influencing factors
  • Drift method used to anticipate the wear limit cut-off date based on calibration logs
  • Periodicity ratio method used to determine the best date for the next calibration, based on how much the instrument affects the uncertainty measurement process
Optimu - Pros

Return on investment

30% saving on a company's calibration budget by better controlling Customer risk.

Customized support and settings

More than 20 years experience in day-to-day use of FD X07-014 methods developed by Deltamu.

Over 300,000 calculations carried out

Free simulation of the results of using these methods on your instrument base.

Make the most of the powerful calculation features in the Uncertainty and Statistics modules

  • Evaluate a measurement process uncertainty according to NF ISO/IEC GUIDE 98-3 (GUM)
  • Identify its minimum verifiable tolerance Interval
  • Calculate uncertainties during calibration (taking into account repeatability, maximum observed deviations, etc.)
  • Assess process capabilities based on MSA (Measurement System Analysis), MSA with attributes, Cg/Cgk calculations and ANOVA (ANalysis Of VAriance)
  • Use measurements results to calculate repeatability (EV), inter-operator precision (AV) reproducibility (GRR), manufacturing dispersion (PV)
  • Interpret your results using significance tests

Mentoring and additional services

Choosing Optimu means opting for simplicity

The software can be deployed simply and easily, with no need for an on-site visit by a Deltamu team.

By dialoguing with other software, Optimu fits seamlessly into your digital ecosystems. Multilingual and user-friendly, we have designed Optimu to make your business life easier, and save you time.

For your company's convenience, we retrieve the data from your legacy system, guaranteeing its secure and complete transfer.

Optimu is more than just a software solution: our metrology experts also provide you with advice and support in your day-to-day life.

Mentoring and additional services
Pros for the pharmaceutical industry: Optimu is FDA 21 CFR Part 11 Optimu is FDA 21 CFR Part 11

Technical features and architecture

Designed to fit your organization, Optimu can be deployed:

on-site / on premises within a local network, or in virtual environments and remote desktops

in hosted mode SaaS / Cloud (standard or compliant 21 CFR Part 11)

On-site / On Premises Optimu Software On-site / On Premises
Cloud Optimu eService Cloud
Over 2,000 satisfied users
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M. Sébastien Denaës, Head of the Metrology Department, Colas Group, discusses the benefits of the Optimu solution, deployed as part of an international drive to streamline and optimize MIM management across all sites and functions.

Your support team



Project Director - Head of Support & Software

Raynald's strength lies in his past experience as a laboratory quality manager and a metrology instructor. Every day, both our customers and our team benefit from his extensive expertise in metrology and software solutions, through his mentoring and coaching activities. Raynald is responsible for project supervision and tracking.



Instructor and software expert

Alice knows the software inside out, performs validation and qualification tests, and runs the hotline for Optimu users. An expert in the software's functional configuration, she also provides training in how to use the various Optimu modules.



Instructor and software expert

Matthieu has worked in a number of metrology laboratories and departments where he had the opportunity to use Optimu's business functionalities and appreciate its advantages. Proficient in MIM and Calibration modules, Matthieu shares his field experience with our customers.



Data retrieval expert

Having worked at Deltamu for over 15 years, Pascal has expert knowledge of all database formats. He migrates hundreds of thousands of instruments to Optimu every year, representing 25 to 30 annual data retrievals from Excel, Access, in-house software, or competitor software. He is also an expert in the deployment, configuration, and qualification of Optimu.



Instructor and software expert

A qualified project management expert, Benjamin has already carried out many Optimu deployments in a wide range of situations, including 21 CFR Part 11 in the pharmaceutical sector. Expert in the software's functional configuration, Benjamin performs validation operations, and, like Alice, runs the hotline and provides training in how to use the various Optimu modules.