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Metrology diagnostic and audit

Evaluate your organization's performance!
  • Are you looking to evaluate the performance of your metrology system, and its conformity with your business practices?
  • Do you want to reduce monitoring costs for your measuring instruments?
  • Are you preparing an audit or a quality certification?
Metrology diagnostic and audit
Deltamu proposes to carry out on-site diagnostics, which go beyond a certification audit or customer requirements: a value added guaranteed to align the "MEASUREMENT" function with all business requirements, that also makes good economic sense.
Why perform a diagnostic?
  • To ensure compliance with standards requirements, an essential prerequisite for a successful audit
  • To identify areas for optimization in your MIM system, thereby reducing metrology costs
  • To determine how to control the industrial risk following a spurious measurement
  • To detect and report anomalies
  • To review knowledge and use of applicable standards and practices
  • Recognized expertise in the industry, laboratories, and standardization committees
  • Forward planning for new and updated standards and procedures, through Deltamu's active participation in standardization committees and work groups
  • A team of experts who can make insightful recommendations and support their immediate operational deployment
  • Ensure an effective, standards-compliant metrology system
  • Reduce costs
  • Control risks

Save time and energy

Deltamu has published a diagnostics reference guide that covers over 50 items. This reference reproduces the requirements of ISO 9001, IATF 16949, ISO 10012, FD X 07-007, FD X 07-014, …

  • Inventory and evaluation of all metrological and measurement processes at the company
    • Design and development of a new measurement system
    • Reference Metrology
    • Operational Metrology in production
    • R & D and testing
    • Resource management
    • Optimization and continuous improvement
  • Identification of areas for improvement
    • Proposal of corrective actions
    • Streamlining of the MIM using innovative tools such as new standards, benchmarking or IT solutions
    • Commissioning and monitoring strategies
    • Equipment qualifications (choosing M.P.E., Lean Production approach)
  • Report with detailed recommendations on the actions to be taken in the short and medium term, and their financial impact (cost reduction)
  • Support from our experts throughout the implementation of the recommendations, who remain available to provide fast, custom answers

Deltamu, a key player in modernizing the metrology approach so that it contributes to operational excellence

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At long last! A pragmatic metrological approach that not only addresses our needs, but also helps us to express them, and has taken them into account when putting the method into practice. Lyonnaise des Eaux