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Services and Counseling in Metrology

Measuring well to better produce

The optimized management of measuring instruments and processes should not be limited to interventions and affixing labels. By coming out of the shackles of ideas, metrology can become a competitive factor.

Jean-Michel POU
Metrology could change the world again . For this, it will change the world. Jean-Michel Pou Founding President of Deltamu
Services and Counseling in Metrology
Our services

All Deltamu expertise at your service to achieve industrial efficiency and operational excellence

Measuring Instrument Management

Measuring Instrument Management Smart Metrology More

All inclusive: Simplify the management of your measuring instruments!

 1 single contact for all metrological approaches

  • Reduce costs related to metrology
  • Save time
  • Ensure compliance with standards

Diagnosis and Audit in metrology More

Evaluate the performance of your organization! Save time and serenity!

 5 evaluation criteria (performance and compliance) for stress free audits

  • Prepare an audit or quality certification
  • Ensure compliance to the practices
  • Reduce the costs related to monitoring of measuring instruments

Calibration interval optimization More

Control your measurements and your budget!

 +20% of saving

  • Do not calibrate too early, nor too late
  • Manage risks and costs
  • Reduce downtimes

Measurement uncertainties More

Consult with experts to evaluate and master!

 3 impacts for a better risk management, tolerancing and monitoring

  • Personalized support and expertise
  • Provision of specific tools
  • Selection of appropriate methods
Interlaboratory comparisons

Interlaboratory comparisons More

Take part to our interlaboratory comparison to evaluate your performance and progress

 ∞ circuits to validate your skills (annual / custom / bilateral)

  • Mastering your measurement uncertainties
  • Assessing the measurement quality
  • Compare to other participants
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Measure well the Big Data

Big Data. Smart Factory. Industry 4.0. Whatever you call it, industrials know that the digitization of their manufacturing process is essential to their performance.

Are we aware that the quantity of data that describes the production process can be a risk, if we do not take into account the quality of measurements.

This site is for those who are involved in the reliability of industrial actions at the time of Big Data.

Welcome to the Smart metrology.
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