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Measurement uncertainties

Call our experts and identify which solution is the best for you! Do you need to evaluate your uncertainty in accordance with ISO 9001 certification, IATF 16949, ISO 13485, a customer audit or ISO 17025 accreditation?
  • Although the theory is widely documented, it is not always easy to apply. What is the best method for the uncertainty evaluation in your specific case?
  • Which model should you start with? Do you need to apply the GUM or to use existing results such as those taken from an ILC (inter-laboratory comparisons)? And what about using numerical simulations such as the Monte Carlo method?
Measurement uncertainties

For over 20 years now, Deltamu has been providing all business sectors with tailor-made solutions designed to evaluate testing and measurement uncertainties:

  • A dedicated expert and a customized report
  • A provision of specific tools
  • Support and skills transfer
We help you decide which solutions to apply depending on the desired level of support:
  • Support with evaluating testing and measurement uncertainties
    • Application of GUM recommendations (NF ISO/CEI Guide 98-3 and FD X07-021)
    • Implementation of the Monte Carlo simulation (NF ISO/CEI Guide 98-3/S1)
    • Use of the results from inter-laboratory or inter-instrument comparisons (NF ISO 21748, FD X07-041)
    • Use of an experiment plan (simple R&R, ANOVA, MSA, …)
    • Use of calibration modelling results (M-Care software)
    • Use of uncertainties in data processing
    • Evaluation report
  • Implementation of calibration modelling (M-Care)
    • Guardband technique NF ISO / IEC Guide 98-4
    • The BMR method (Bayesian Measurement Refinement)
    • Processing of differentiated EMT
  • Validation of your company's calculations
  • Skills transfer
    • Development of a custom-designed training programme
    • Numerical and software applications for data processing
    • Assistance during audits

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Pragmatic, open-minded and fun to work with, Deltamu introduced us to the art of calculating measurement uncertainties. This tool has allowed us to dramatically improve the quality of our service offer to internal and external clients. Delphi