Deltamu was founded in 1998 by Jean-Michel Pou with a key driver - passion - and a major focus - change.

Over 15 years, the company has grown, and a Managing Director was appointed in 2010. Today, the company employs about fifteen people, most of whom are shareholders, and its sales have grown steadily to reach an annual level of more than one million euros.

Deltamu has evolved, indeed, but not quite as its founder had imagined it. With Optimu as a flagship product, software development has become the main priority. Optimu is a metrology software originally designed for Deltamu consultants to perform calculations and provide advice. However, the program turned out to be such a success that it has become the reference software in the field of metrology.
Thanks to its participation at international metrology conferences, Deltamu is recognized as an authority in many fields of metrology, such as uncertainty computation methods, interpretation of their results, improvement of metrological confirmation intervals and modeling of calibration results, etc.

Deltamu strives to ensure that metrologists play an active role in productivity improvement by controlling measurement quality, accepting deliveries from suppliers, releasing products, reducing scraps, etc. This focus is perfectly reflected by Deltamu's slogan:

Deltamu, Smart Metrology

Jean-Michel Pou

Jean-Michel Pou, Chairman and founder of Deltamu, began his career in metrology in 1988 as calibration technician before becoming Cofrac accreditation Manager and then the site's General Manager. However, this passionate person has made some waves in the quiet world of metrology, which has sometimes labelled him as an iconoclast. He is a pioneer, and his pioneering ways have disturbed some, particularly since his innovative theories eventually become the norm 5 to 10 years later.

For more than a decade, he has been highly involved in the work of the French College of Metrology (including three years as Vice-President), and he sits on the AFNOR (french national organization for standardization) committee. His expertise in metrology is now universally recognized. He has been the driver behind standards and new practices within AFNOR (intervals) and the French College of Metrology (monitoring, traceability). His latest innovative idea for dealing with “traceability in difficult situations” has been rolled out within the French College of Metrology: If all instruments statistically indicate the same value, it is likely that they are right, assuming that there is little probability that all the instruments are wrong by the same amount. This is common sense, in a way ….. He is also working on a new concept of metrology called Smart Metrology.

Advice and services


Software publisher

  • Optimu, metrology software at the service of companies
  • Optimu eService, the power of Optimu in SaaS mode


Respect is an essential human value for Deltamu: Respect for our customers, employees, work, commitments, safety rules, equipment….

Team spirit

The company is a shared asset that has to be protected and developed by everyone: cohesiveness, mutual aid, open-mindedness, listening…. It's not just what we say, it's what we do!


The goal of a job well done: this is the vector for customer satisfaction and thus the key to the company's success.


Honesty, loyalty, responsibility, integrity, legality, solidarity: respect for the rules of conduct, in line with a certain philosophy of life.


The will to bring new ideas to the world of metrology and to the business world: all Deltamu employees contribute to the dynamics of innovation thanks to their background, their points of view, their skill and their creativity.


In 2006, the AFNOR released the FD X 07-014 standard, formalizing methods to assess calibration intervals for gauges. Those methods had already been described in 1999 and 2001 by Deltamu during the 9th and 10th International Congresses of Metrology in Bordeaux and Saint-Louis.


What if the VIM was wrong?: this was the point of view supported by Deltamu in 2001 during the 10th International Congress of Metrology (Saint-Louis), with an answer proposed in 2005 at the 12th International Congress of Metrology (Lyon) and a conclusion in 2013.
In that year, the French College of Metrology published the guide about modelling calibration results and provided an IT application called M-CARE. The application was developed by Deltamu under the aegis of the French College of Metrology and supported by the DGCIS (french competition, industry and services agency).


In 2007, during the 13th International Congress of Metrology in Lille, Deltamu demonstrated the limits of the Capability approach in the declaration of conformity. This vision was consolidated in 2012 by the publication of document JCGM N°106 by the Joint Committee for Guides in Metrology and by the concomitant publication of ISO/IEC Guide 98-4, which deals with the use of measurement uncertainties in the declaration of conformity.

Deltamu, more than:

  • €1.3 million in sale
  • 500 customers, including 35 calibration laboratories
  • 1,500 users of our software
  • 1,600 hours/year of software training
  • 1,500 hours/year of training in metrology
  • 60,000 measuring instruments managed
  • 12,000 calibration intervals calculations/year


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