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Auvergne Efficience Industrielle, excellence cluster

Auvergne Efficience Industrielle is a business association labeled excellence cluster by the Auvergne regional council. Deltamu is a founding member and the chair of this cluster.

The objective of the excellence cluster is to use data analysis to serve productivity and sustainable development. Three projects are in preparation to help develop the use of industrial efficiency and thus give a rationality to decisions often based on experience and uses of companies.

Europe gets involved

The STAM project is co-financed by the European Union within the framework of the Regional Development Fund (FEDER).

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Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region, financial partner

Optimu eService development received financial support from the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region.

SIGMA Clermont, Engineering school created from the merger of ENSCCF and IFMA

Born from the fusion of ENSCCF and IFMA, Clermont SIGMA is based on shared values and built on the strengths of both schools. This autonomous engineering School, agile and responsive, is closely connected to socio-economic backgrounds and partners to which it provides an answer to their current and future needs. Join chemistry and mechanics is the challenge SIGMA Clermont is committed to.A unique confidence shock in France orchestrated by close cooperation between the worlds of higher education and business.


The French national organization for standardization (AFNOR) is the official organization in charge of writing the French standards. It also offers information and promotion of standards, certifications and trainings through a network of key partners, members of the organization present in many countries and also participating in other national or international standardization committees and certification bodies.

Deltamu is an associate member of the AFNOR allowing it to benefit from inside information on standards and regulations in Europe and abroad and to be in a network with real influence in standard-setting.

Regional economic development agency (ARDE), regional support

The regional economic development agency (ARDE) is an association that brings together around forty members, drawn from private and public sectors: companies, local authorities, consular companies, regional technology center, banks and financial institutions. Its objective is to support the economic players in their development in Auvergne, and at national and international levels.

Bpifrance, partner for innovative SMEs

The activities of advice and software publishing of Deltamu benefited from the support of Bpifrance.

C2T, technology transfer center

The C2T is a multi-domain metrology laboratory (dimensional, torque, pressure, force, temperature) and a control laboratory of industrial products. It's also a mechanical testing and materials characterization laboratory. Its metrology laboratory is accredited by COFRAC and offers a computerized measuring instruments management by Optimu.

The presence of C2T in an industry mainly composed of SMEs renders its team to be very responsive, with the key focus on the quality of services rendered and the market price.


The African Committee of Metrology is a non-profit organization. It was created March 31, 2005 to meet the needs of industrial and African laboratories.

Caleo, calibration laboratory and metrology services

Caleo Tests et Services is a metrology laboratory in Arras which offers a full range of services in the following areas: dimensional, electricity, time-frequency, temperature, torque and pressure.

Conforms to quality standards ISO / CEI 17025, Caleo Tests et Services guarantees the traceability to the COFRAC calibration chain through verification certificates that it produces.

Collège Français de Métrologie

The Collège Français de Métrologie brings together experts from laboratories or technical centers, manufacturers and service providers from all sectors, users of measuring instruments, academics, ….

Founded with the support of the French Ministry of Industry, the LNE (the French national laboratory of metrology and testing), the CETIAT (the technical center of aeraulics and thermal industries) and Peugeot-Citroën Automobiles (PSA), the Collège Français de Métrologie relies today on a vast network of French and international associations specializing in measurement.

Curty Métrologie, calibration in laboratory or on-site

Curty Métrologie provides the calibration and verification of dimensional, force and torque measuring instruments, in laboratory or on-site. Quality services are obtained with high precision Cofrac-accredited equipment and specialized staff with many years of experience in metrology laboratories and industry.

CVO, validation of software solution

To meet the expectations of its pharmaceutical customers, Deltamu was audited by CVO Europe to evaluate 21 CFR part 11 compliance of Optimu. To enable you meeting the requirements imposed by the FDA, we started a partnership with CVO Europe which we assigned the validation of Optimu.

This close collaboration allows us to share a number of costs, including the development of a validation kit and thus offer you a quality service at preferential rates.

E2S Métrologie, on-site calibration

E2S Métrologie offers on-site calibration of vernier calipers, gauges, micrometers, 3-points micrometers, indicators, feelers, marking plates, scales, height gauges, hardness testers, profile projectors, surface quality measurers, circularity measurers, plain rings, plain plug gauges.

The thread standards and gauge blocks are calibrated in laboratories. In any other field of measurement, custom services can be proposed.


Fondamenti is a brand building agency. It develops on the long term his creations as his relations; those it has with its customers as its creative and with its experts. It therefore operates mainly in network. Advantages: free men and women, but working alongside the agency, often exclusively, sometimes since its creation in 2005. Independent who all know what a customer. Consequences: combined experience and shared requirement. Competitiveness finally: you only pay the talent, experience and time. And we are doing our job in confidence and joy to think and create together.

Lab Services, testing, calibration and sale of measuring instruments

Lab Services is an ISO 17025 calibration laboratory and is accredited Cofrac n.2-1965 Dimensional Metrology and n.2-1774 Radiometer/Photometer (range available on http://www.cofrac.fr/en/home). In addition to these two accredited fields, Lab Services offers a large number of services in areas such as torque, force, hardness, temperature, pressure, ….

Various services are offered: calibrations, preventive and corrective maintenance, measuring instruments management, shuttles. A team of technicians is trained to work on-site or in laboratory. The catalog Calibration of Lab Services can be downloaded on their website.

Logystem, complete solutions for quality control

Based in Switzerland, Logystem SA brings you complete solutions for quality control within your business:
  • Input and output control by AQL or specific sampling.
  • In-process control, Statistical Process Control (SPC).
  • Custom solutions application

MESTRA, calibration laboratory

Founded in 2004, MESTRA has developed its activity in the fields of measurement and instrumentation. MESTRA is a service provider for the industry in the areas of metrology, instrumentation, product and measuring equipment repairs.


Metrology.ch offers a set of calibration services, on laboratory or on site. SCS0145 accredited laboratory, they can also provide solutions through their training, their personal support, manufacturing of checking fixtures and dimensional control.

Microsoft, supports our software publishing activity

Recognized expertise in the development and marketing of comprehensive software solutions exploiting Microsoft technologies.

Deltamu is part of the Microsoft Partner Network. This is an important support for developing our skills, for a faster innovation, for standing out and for having a high level of support on Microsoft development platforms. For several years, Deltamu has the Microsoft Silver ISV competency in software publishing. This demonstrates that Deltamu's software passed the Microsoft eligibility tests (tests on Microsoft operating systems including Windows Server family, SQL Server, …).

PHIMECA, member of the cluster Auvergne Efficience Industrielle

PHIMECA Engineering is an engineering company specialized in the product evaluation and optimization and in system performances. Its vocation is to propose solutions for robust engineering and in reliability by using sound scientific bases, the entrepreneurial spirit and moral values shared by all its collaborators.

PHIMECA is, like Deltamu, member of the excellence cluster Auvergne Efficience Industrielle.